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X360dock module 2 work on the latest XBOX360 dahsboard 2.0.16202 perfectly!

Good news to everyone, x360dock module 2 support the latest updating 2.0.16202, enjoy your game!

X360dock Team

X360dock is working great on the latest Xbox dashboard 16197

According to our test, the x360dock module1 +module2 is working on the lastest dashboard 16197 perfectly!

X360dock Team

X360dock Module 2 New Firmware V3.0 Released

Change log:
Make it more stable when you play games from external game hdd.

X360dock Team

X360dock is working great on the latest Xbox dashboard 14719

We have confirmed that X360dock module1+module2 is working great on the latest Xbox 360 dsahboard 14719. Please update your Xbox to 14719 through the USB storage! We don't recommend you update online.

X360dock Team

X360Dock module2 Touch Screen Remote has Released

Our official resellers have received the X360Dock module2 Touch Screen Remote. Please feel free to use the remote to play games from your external HDD
Here are some pictures about the working menu.

X360dock Team

X360Dock module2 Touch Screen Remote is here

Thanks for waiting, our touch screen remote is finally here and the first stock will be sent out to the official resellers next week.
Here are the first pictures of the product

X360dock Team

Notice: DO Not Play Xbox Live With X360dock

Recently Microsoft has silently updated Xbox 360 if you have connected to Xbox Live within the past 48 hours, this update is a protection for AP25 enabled games. If you have connected to Xbox Live within the past 48 hours, your console may has already been silently updated. If this is the case then you at least now will no longer be able to play AP25 enabled games.The updated protection is unique to every console, and currently the only known way to solve this update is to simply stay off Xbox Live.

Strongly recommend x360dock users do not play xbox live, do not sign in xbox live even if you are in pass-through mode. Also do not update your XBox to a new future firmware until you confirm our x360dock has already released the update to support it. For the guys who have updated and can not play AP25 and Xgd3 games, we are working hard on it, please keep focused on our official news for updates on a new firmware on the x360dock that will suport this update.

X360dock Team

X360dock Video Review Released, thanks Daniel

Thanks very much to Daniel from se7ensins forum for making professional video review/setup guide for us. His step by step instructions are very useful for x360dock beginners. thanks again.

See his video review/step by step setup guide here: Installing The X360DOCK Hardware and Installing The X360DOCK Software

X360dock Team

X360dock New reviews Released, Brazil Reseller coming

1. Another two reviews have been released by Ryan and Brandon, thanks again!
Team-xecuter Review by Ryan (English)
Xbox360iso Review by Brandon (English)
2. Congratualtions to playtronics, they become one of our official resellers in Brazil, welcome more guys to join us.

X360dock Team

X360dock Italian Review Released

Here is a x360dock official review released: NextRL Review by Marco (Italian) Many Thanks!

X360dock Team

X360dock GBA Review Released

1. Here is a x360dock official GBA review released by Gevin, many thanks!: GBA x360dock review
2. We have added a nice cover to protect the package. you can see the new package here.

X360dock Team

Update News: Review is coming soon!

1. Some reviewers suggested us that we should add a USB cable in the module1 package, so from today we have added one USB cable in module1 package.
2.Added a FAQ page.
3.Have sent out some samples to our reviewers, review is coming soon.Thanks to all reviewers!
4.Thanks for Devin helping us to improve our website,looking forward to seeing his nice review!
5. We have released a new X360dock user guide,please check here.

X360dock Team

Good News: X360dock LCD touch screen remote is coming soon

The X360dock LCD touch screen is producing in the factory and will come out soon.It means the X360dock Module 2 which contains the touch screen remote is coming soon.
For customers who have bought the X360dock Module 1 without the touch screen remote can also buy the remote from the reseller.The remote is compatible with your X360dock Module 1 perfectly!
Some pics below:

X360dock Team

X360dock Installation Guide has Released

We have released the X360dock Module 1 Installation Guide for both Fat and slim consoles.
You can download them from here

X360dock Team

X360dock Software and driver Released

We have released the x360dock software and driver,download it from here.

X360dock Team

X360dock Video Guide Released

Here are some video guides for you.
X360dock User Guide for Fat type
X360dock User Guide for Slim type

X360dock Team

Shipping News

We have produced 7000pcs in the first batch, the first batch has shipped out to our official resellers.

X360dock Team

X360dock Released

The x360dock has been officially released! The x360dock is an optional drive emulator for the Xbox 360 console, which allows you to load games from your external HDD, or directly from your PC's internal HDD. With the x360dock you can throw away your disks, and enjoy playing games from any USB storage. We are working hard to make it easier for you. It is a solderless item, easily upgradable, and user friendly as well. We will release more news, firmwares, videos, and pictures soon The x360dock will ship out to our official resellers soon, please come back frequently for more updates.

X360dock Team